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    Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (short:“Wodetec”) owns the most advanced imported production equipment and complete production technology. Wodetec is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and provide service of construction and engineering equipment. Wodetec has a number of independent intellectual property rights.Based on continuous technological innovation, design capabilities of hose pumps, grouting /mixer/plant, shotcrete machine etc.

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    10,000sqm factory, meeting higher demand


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    • Q

      How do Wode concrete trailer pump perform in emergency situations?

      In the event of an electrical malfunction, the entire system can continue to pump in a manual mode.
      With color-coded levers and an easy to read diagram, operators can switch the entire system from an electric mode to manual in case of emergency.
    • Q

      Can concrete be pumped up hill?

      Portable concrete pump be pumped up and down hill around and under obstacles, through small openings, across large distances and so on. We have been on many different types of jobsites that require different set ups and I'm sure that we will be able to help you out on yours. Just let us know what you require.
    • Q

      Do you concrete pump for industrial users?

      Yes, we pump for industrial users.
      Typical jobs are footings, as well as jobs above the truck level, such as concrete floors on the second, third or fourth floors. Trailer mounted concrete pump with output 40m3/h to 80m3/h are also applied for high-rise conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge construction and special applications, hydraulic power, mining and national defense.
    • Q

      What is the application of electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump?

      1) Conveying floor heating lightweight foamed cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete, normal concrete
      2) Conveying refractory and insulation materials
      3) Conveying greening soil in ecological environment construction
      4) Conveying all kinds of engineering construction in the plain concrete, fiber concrete
      5) Pressure grouting of foundation pile

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